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Brand development
Content creation
Customer selling strategy

Plant Apothecary

We want to meet your shoppers.

A majority of niché challenger brands have hurdles, like, small budgets, low awareness, and a unique selling proposition—all were met head on.


Paradox helps overcome
retail hurdles.

To better serve the sales lead organization, Paradox, developed an interactive "playbook" — a comprehensive resource for all marketing. Now anyone within the organization can access a reliable resource for consistent merchandising, brand guidelines, and detailed product sell sheets.


Plant Apothecary has a compelling story to tell.

With a more efficient go-to-market strategy, more time was spent on result-driven customer relationship building and less money wasted on inefficient merchandising requiring "one-off" creative vs. global merchandising solution.


Easier to sell
and scale.

  • Full library of brand resources

  • Product information sheets

  • Discontinued product replacements

  • Downloadable creative files

  • Display menu for retailer sell-in

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