• Amanda Whittaker

Let's go.

In the retail world, we find ourselves debating strategy vs execution, activations vs tactics, is this a campaign or an initiative and yes, we have a point of view on what each of those are defined as.

Truth is, it kind of doesn’t matter. The real discussion in this industry that isn’t happening enough is how brands are seemingly overvaluing activity over results. Too often we see an eagerness to play the game (aka speak on a stage, fill out the tracker, turn in the recap) but not the same energy in their preparation or practice. The silver lining is found in knowing we will stand out when we first seek to understand, to listen more than talk, to freaking google it when you don’t know.

Shorten the upfront and get to “work”. Don't wait to be called off the bench. Do the work, show up ready to play and adjust along the way. Action creates momentum which creates results. If things, people, situations aren’t working for you, it’s not their fault, you have the power to change.

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