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Red Bull at Walmart


Going back to college in 2020 looked differently for everyone, even for brands who typically won during that retail season.


Paradox goes
back college.

When Red Bull was struggling for a creative solution, Paradox didn't blink an eye at the opportunity to drive virtual excitement among college campuses.


Come join the
Pep Rally today!

The 3 powerhouse teams, Walmart, Red Bull and Paradox joined together through a virtual "pep rally." Students and parents around the U.S. tuned in for 2 hours with Walmart DJ Antonio to get college hacks, connected with Red Bull athletes, and jammed to the hottest playlists.


On with
the show.

  • Strong live event engagement.

  • Cross-functional agency, brand & retail teams were
    available leading up to the event for quick decision making.

  • Email proved best tactic for pre & post communication, when audience "at home screen-time" was at an all-time high.

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